Monday, May 14, 2012

Canine vs. Feline

It is important to note that I also have another pet. His name is Galen and he is a very sweet boy.

But as the picture indicates, he happens to be a dog. Molly doesn't like that. We rescued him about two months ago and gradually we have seen a lot of progress made between Molly and Galen. At first, things were pretty unpredictable. One moment they would be totally relaxed around each other, and others Galen wanted to sniff Molly to death which would lead to an attempted chase around the house (or in one case, a real chase which started with the leash flying out of my hand and ended with me managing to tackle this 65 lb dog into the side of the refrigerator as he rounded the corner into the kitchen in order to save my kitty). As a rule, we always have kept Galen on the leash around Molly and have always supervised the visits. If Galen is out and about in the house, we keep Molly in my bedroom. If Molly is given free roam, then Galen is put back in his well-loved crate, or as we call it his "house".

Very recently, we have had a break through with these two. They were allowed around each other without a leash involved for a full twenty minutes, since they both seemed to be a good mood and relaxed. It was so nice to see them behave so well. Molly even started to play with Galen, which is a huge step for her! Prior to this, she would run or just stay extremely still when Galen was sniffing her or staring at her. But we caught her batting his nose a few times!

I took some pictures to document a funny moment:

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