Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trying to Keep The Cat Away From Flowers: A Daily Struggle

     When my husband's cousin came to visit us last week, she gave us a lovely bouquet of flowers. We very much enjoyed having them sit on our coffee table. So did the cat...

Luckily, we have two spray bottles to fend off the leaf-eating creature. We had been only using them as a way to keep Molly off the table, but now they have another purpose.

But Molly is a persistent little bugger. She jumps on the coffee table, begins chewing, we spray her, she glares at us and jumps off. Now just repeat that cycle about twenty times a day. Whatever it is about those green leaves, Molly just can't get enough of them. One time I caught her in the act with my camera in my hand instead of the spray bottle:

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